Aequitas Orbis

An hardcore online space shooter in a 2D gravitational field

Single Player Mode Screenshot

Fun in orbit!

Maneuvering in space can be hard, but also very funny. Learn to move in orbit and from planet to planet

Play with friends

Aequitas orbits allows for up to 4 players split screen games, be it a party or just a visit you'll always be able to play your favourite game.

Split Screen Screenshot
Game Server Browser Screenshot

Challenge the universe

By accessing online servers in-game or via steam browser you'll be able to play with people from all over the world

Become a champion

With both online and local multiplayer support, and supporting 5 different game modes you'll never stop playing. Play cooperative with your friends, or challenge them in arena, team deathmatch, capture the flag, or conquest mode.

Wave Mode Screenshot
Editor Screenshot

Build your own

We love empowering our players, the game comes with a map editor that allows you to make your own awesome maps. You can then save them, and play them with your friends.